The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body and chances of injury in sports or activity are very common. If you had pain in your shoulder which is troubling your sleep then consult your local doctor as it may be a muscle or ligament tear. If the pain does not subside in 4 weeks’ time with medicine and physiotherapy then you may need a further detailed examination by your shoulder specialist like an MRI scan to rule out the severity of the injury and later on a laser or keyhole minimally invasive surgery to repair the tear. In chronic cases due to the arthritis changes in the shoulder joint which can be confirmed by a plain x-ray, you may need a total shoulder replacement surgery.

In a few cases, the shoulder joint becomes stiff or frozen and a normal range of movements decreases altering the daily activities of life. In such cases, your doctor prescribes few medicines, steroid injection inside the joint, and a few sessions of physiotherapy depending on the severity of the disease.