The THR is also called as Total Hip Arthroplasty. In this procedure, our surgeon surgically removes a damaged bone and cartilage with arthritis and replace it with a prosthesis made of metal or plastic as an artificial joint. This hip replacement surgery will help to relieve pain in the hip joint and make walking easier for the patients.

Hip replacement can also be done using a minimally-invasive technique with a minimal size of the incision. During the surgery, our orthopaedic surgeon will give either general anaesthesia or a spinal block to numb the lower part of the body. We have nearly 20+ years of experience in the Hip Replacement Surgery and Revision Hip Replacement Surgery in India.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is one of the commonest surgeries in India. Most of the people above the age of 50 have some kind of knee pain which reduces their activity level. The pain is mostly due to arthritis which results in degradation of the knee joint. Once the pain increases then the mobility is reduced and this makes the muscles of the legs weaker.